The online questionnaire is used to capture learners’ data, the resultant data can then be used with our resources and lesson plans. All our resources are free to download and edit as you see fit, there is no need to register for these. The resources contain a variety of classroom activities some directly linked to the questionnaire others standalone.

To be able to get data back a teacher must be registered on the CensusAtSchool UK site, you will need to enter the relevant LEA code and School code. Click ‘REGISTER’ above to be taken to the registration form.

Request your submitted class date from CensusAtSchool.org.uk > ‘Get Data‘ > ‘Request Your School’s Data‘. Make sure that you are logged in first.


CensusAtSchool Online Questionnaire 2015/2016

Teacher’s Documents
Teacher Notes 2015-2016 (PDF)
Get Started – Instructions for Learners 2015-2016 (PDF) (WORD)

Classroom Printouts
Questionnaire 2015-2016 (PDF)
Measurements Guide 2015-2016 (PDF)
Coding Sheet (PDF)

Suggested Resources
You are the Investigator (PDF)

Building Infographics
Graph It – Excel Pie Charts Bar Charts Histograms Population Pyramids, BoxPlots, TimeSeries, Scatter (LINK)
Instant Box Plot (excel)
Instant Histogram (excel)
Instant Bar Chart (excel)
Instant Scatter Plot (excel)
Infographic – Using Percentage (excel)
CensusAtSchool Infographic Worksheet (LINK)
How to make Infographics using Excel & Word (PDF)

Infographic Examples
Example 1 (PDF LINK)
Example 2 (PDF LINK)



Below are a list of resources you are free to use with your class, some of these will fit more closely with the current questionnaire and competition than others. For resource links specific to the competition please view the Competition Guidance Documentation.

A new general maths KS2 & KS3 resource has been created, this can be found on the Winton website here.

Number & Measures Arithmetic
Algebra Algebra| Solutions
Algebraic Graphs Linear Function Line Graphs
Straight Line Graphs in Autograph Software
Parallel and Perpendicular Graphs in Autograph
Geometry Trigonometry | Solutions
Shapes and their Descriptions
Pythagorean Triples | Solutions
Reasoning Caesar Cipher Worksheet 1
Caesar Cipher Worksheet 2
Non-Verbal Reasoning | Solutions
Reasoning Puzzles
Sampling & Variables Census or Sample
Sampling Video
Probability & Risk Too Many Boys | Solutions
Risk | Solutions
Line & Scatter Graphs Time Series Graphs | Solutions
Averages The Averages
Bar Charts & Histograms Bad Bar Charts | Solutions
Match the Distribution | Solutions
Other Graphs Boxplots | Solutions
Bad Pie Charts | Solutions
Maths & Stats In The News Stats in the News
Medical Arithmetic | Solutions


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