This is an Infographic competition to highlight the importance of data handling and data visualisation it is suitable for learners at Key Stage 2, 3 and 4 of the Mathematics Curriculum and beyond.  The competition is for Year 7 to 11 pupils in England and Wales; P7 to S4  in Scotland; and P7 to Y11 in Northern Ireland.

Learners must first take the 2015 CensusAtSchool Questionnaire and then develop an Infographic based on a theme from one of the questionnaire topics. A teacher must then  submit their class team(s) infographic before the April 2016 deadline.

The best 3 submissions from Band 1 (Y7 to Y9) and from Band 2 (Y10 to Y11) with receive a prize. There are also 4 smaller regional prizes (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) for commendable entries. Winners will be informed via their teacher sometime soon after the 1st May 2016.

Before taking part you should read the Competition Guidance Document on our home page.

FIRST PRIZE: £400 Amazon Vouchers x2
SECOND PRIZE: £200 Amazon Vouchers x2
THIRD PRIZE: £50 Amazon Vouchers x2

Winton Capital Management is a scientific management company, founded in 1997.  The company use mathematical and statistical research to create algorithms to map the financial markets.  At the heart of Winton’s ethics is its commitment to supporting scientific and academic research.  For this reason Winton set up two charities – Winton Charitable Foundation and David Harding Charitable Foundation – founded in 2005 and 2007, respectively.  These charities support scientific research in the community, through award schemes such; as Royal Society Winton Prize for Science Books; and projects such as WinAtSchool. For further information on Winton Capital Management visit:

The International Centre for Statistical Education (ICSE) is a non-profit making organisation with the aim ‘to promote the improvement of statistical education, training and understanding at all ages’.

Our work is carried out in four main areas:
1. school and further education;
2. higher education for all courses in which statistics is taught;
3. continuing professional development;
4. Society as a whole.

For further insight into our work visit us at

CensusAtSchool is an International Children’s Census in which real data is collected and disseminated for use by teachers and pupils in data-handling, ICT and across the curriculum for teaching and learning.  We are non-profit making project funded by organisations interested in promoting good use of statistics and data handling.  We have an array of free resources and ready-made lesson plans for available teachers to use in their classroom.

ExperimentsAtSchool aims to help them develop and improve data handling and statistical skills. It launched in 2003 with the support of the Department of Education, Specialist Schools Trust and the Association of Science Education and is designed for children ages 7 to 16.  There are a number of experiments for the children to do, each with downloadable teacher’s notes, giving the aim and objectives of the experiment and suggest possible investigations the children could undertake using that particular experiment.

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