The winner of the third Winton Capital Management School Mathematics and Statistics Competition, for the second year running is … Marling School from Gloucestershire.

Marling School

Taking place on the hottest July day ever recorded, at the University of Reading, Marling stormed to victory in the final round finishing with 119 points from a possible total of 126.

Marling School who will receive the top prize of £2,500 were followed by Colyton Grammar School from Devon in second (£1,000) and Bourne Grammar School from Lincolnshire in third (£500). There was a tie for fourth between Kendrick School, who were the local challengers from Reading and Warwick School.

Fifth and Sixth were the teams from Dame Alice Owen’s School from Hertfordshire and Malmesbury School from Wiltshire who were not far off the top slots, with 3 points a question they were just a few correct answers away from that 3rd place.

Kendrick during the competition

The remaining teams should not feel disheartened, the questions were tough this year with less time to answer. Drilled teams who had practiced to time clearly did a little better, likewise any team that had taken part last year, experience working as a team really helped.

With negative marking, -1 for an incorrect answer, anything around the 50-60 point mark was good, with a possible 126 top score or a -42 low.


The day started at 12:00 with the first team from Colyton Grammar arriving early and keen to get started. With the emerging travel chaos caused by the incredible record breaking July temperatures we did think at one point that Colyton might be declared winners by default if no one else made it.

However, by the time lunch was over all 12 teams were assembled and it was time to start the competition.

Bourne Grammar School, Lincolnshire
Colyton Grammar School, Devon
Dame Alice Owen’s School, Hertfordshire
Devonport High School for Boys, Devon
Kendrick School, Berkshire
Kesteven and Grantham Girls’ School, Lincolnshire
Malmesbury School, Wiltshire
Marling School, Gloucestershire
Saint Olave’s Grammar School, Kent
Sale Grammar School, Cheshire
The Blue Coat School, Liverpool, Merseyside
Warwick School, Warwickshire


First came an introduction from Neil Sheldon, the Royal Statistical Society’s vice president for education and statistical literacy. Neil spoke about the importance of mathematics and statistics for young professionals and emphasised the need for expertise and accuracy in careers reliant on these essential disciplines .

Neil SheldonNeil was followed by our guest presenter and Quiz Master for the day Dr Vicky Neale, Whitehead Lecturer at the Mathematical Institute and Balliol College at the University of Oxford. Vicky gave an insightful presentation on Prime Numbers that highlighted the exciting exploration of mathematical problems with the impetus on collaboration and persistence.Dr Vicky Neale

After the talks it was down to Neil to remind the teams and audience of the rules, no mobile phones allowed, and then it was straight into the zero point practice round. After a short unscheduled refreshment break, due to the rising temperatures outside, the teams returned to start Round 1.


Round 1: 14 questions (Algebra, Algebraic Graphs, Reasoning, Shape)

At the end of the 1st round it was pretty even with several teams tied, every team still had a chance of winning. Not one team secured the maximum 42 points from the round. Interestingly eventual winners Marling School were not among the forerunners at this point.

Round 2: 14 questions (Number, Measure, Percentages, Probability)

At this stage a split started to appear and by the end of the round only the top six were left with a chance of grabbing the title. Colyton and Marling were tied on 77 points in first followed by Kendrick on 74 in second and Warwick on 70 in third but with 3 points a question Bourne, Dame Alice Owen’s and Malmesbury were not out of contention if any of the top three slipped up on the final statistics round.

Round 3: 14 questions (Statistics)

Many of the teams dropped vital points here. After performing pretty strongly throughout Kendrick and Warwick missed just one question each that would have seen them to the £500, unluckily for them Bourne Grammar got a perfect 42/42 to grab a late third. Marling School likewise scored 100% taking advantage of Colyton missing out on a few questions.

At the other end of the table the teams made impressive recoveries, gaining 80% of the points on offer in most cases, but it was too little too late.

Final Scores

With 30 seconds to answer on most questions and negative marking this competition was tough.

It only remained for Neil Sheldon to close the day and for the winners to receive their prizes. Due to the intense heat and increasing travel chaos, especially on the rail network, final team photos were skipped and the day was wrapped half an hour early.

Thank you to all the teams that attended the final, their supporters and teachers. Thank you also to the 200 schools that took part in the online stage, there would be no competition without you!

Finally we would like to thank our sponsor, Winton Capital Management, who have made the online competition and live final possible via their generous support.

For tweets and photos from the day check #WinAtSchool and @IntCSE.


In case this is your first time visiting the site; WinAtSchool is an online competition, in statistics and mathematics for Year 7 to 11 pupils in England and Wales; P7 to S4 in Scotland; and Year 8 to 12 in Northern Ireland. The competition is fun and easy to enter, with prizes for winning schools:


The competition is operated by The International Centre for Statistical Education With Plymouth University & sponsored by Winton Capital Management.

The 2015 competition is now closed but you are welcome to try the practice quiz and use any of our resources.



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