Thank you to all the schools that took part in the WinAtSchool Competition over the past 4 years. WinAtSchool is now closed but you are welcome to use any of our resources with your class.


Are you a Year 7 to Year 11* Maths Teacher? Win prizes for your school with our Infographic Competition. All the information you need to get started and enter your class can be found below, just be sure to get your entries in by the 25th April 2016.

A new “How to” guide has been added to the resource page under “Building Infographics”.


Submit Infographics to icse@plymouth.ac.uk and we will send a confirmation of receipt as soon as possible.

The short description, which can be included in your email, is just to identify the school, class or team and what is being submitted. The description is not judged and should not be included on the submission itself. As an example: “St John’s School – Class 4E – John S, Fred B, Jill S, Jane B, Tom D. Our class height and arm span”.



In case this is your first time visiting the site – the project looks to promote statistics and mathematics for Year 7 to 11 pupils in England and Wales, P7 to S4 in Scotland and P7 to Y11 in Northern Ireland. The competition is fun and easy to enter, with prizes for winning schools in two bands and with 4 smaller regional prizes (see guidance documentation for full details).

FIRST PRIZE: £400 Amazon Vouchers x2
SECOND PRIZE: £200 Amazon Vouchers x2
THIRD PRIZE: £50 Amazon Vouchers x2

*P7 to S4 in Scotland and P7 to Y11 in Northern Ireland, see the competition guidance document (linked above) for details.



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